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Driving Electric Vehicle

This accident is because of the construction of the car. This car is made without any shock breaker.^^
by Rony Yang

Distance measurement with Ultrasonic Sensor ( PING))) )

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Project :Distance measurement with Ultrasonic Sensor (PING) and shown in LCD
Date    : 25/10/2009
Author  :Rony Yang
Comments:It works. Don't forget to set the sprintf data conversion.
                 Just find it by yourself.^^
Chip type           : ATmega8535
Program type        : Application
Clock frequency     : 11,059200 MHz
Memory model        : Small
External RAM size   : 0
Data Stack size     : 128

Controlling Bipolar Stepper Motor

The application of Stepper Motor covers wide sector of Industry. Stepper is commonly used in position controlling systems.

Bipolar Stepper Motor

It’s consisted of 2 windings (coils). Each end of the coils will be connected by wires to a motor controlling circuit. So, there will be four wires of the output for each Bipolar Stepper Motor.

Picture I. Bipolar Stepper Motor Windings

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