Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Benefit of Consuming Insects

Insects... Why must insects? Check it out from reading this article.

You can say that you have never eaten insects. But Infact, you probably consumed over a pound of insects in your lifetime. Insects pests that infect granaries are milled along with the grain, then you consumed them in forms of finished food, like: bread. Not only that, insects can be found in fruit and vegetables, and you often eat them insensibly. Surprising or not, these insects did you some good by providing extra nutrients (especially proteins) in your meal.^^

Researchers from Ohio State University have described insects as "micro-livestock", while the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) earlier this year held a special conference on their benefits.

"Insects are the most valuable, underused and delicious animals in the world," says David George Gordon, a Seattle-based naturalist and author.

Studies have shown that insects are full of protein and essential nutrients n and contain much less cholesterol, and much more unsaturated fat, than other kinds of meat. If you are athlete, you need to try some insects, such as : cricket, bamboo worm, sago worm.

Although insects contain a lot of healthy elements, you must beware of consuming them. Some insects secrete toxins, produce toxic metabolites or sequester toxic chemicals from food plants. Defensive secretions that may be reactive and irritating (toxic). They also can contain pesticide, so if you want to cook or consume them directly, first you must clean them.

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