Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fresh Clean Drinking Water for Your Health

Clean water and healthy drinking water are two different things. Not all clean water can be proper to drink, but all healthy drinking water (proper drinking water) are clean water. Clean water must be processed first to produce a good healthy drinking water.

The ways to get healthy drinking water :

1. Boiling
Clean water is poached till boiling and let it still boiling for about 5 to 8 minutes, to ensure germs die.

2. Solar Disinfection
Heating the water by using sun power.  Clean water is filled in a big glass bottle (do not use plastic products, because it’s not good for our health). This bottle is kept on tiled-roof for about 4 - 6 hours in hot day or 6 – 8 hours in cloudy weather.

3. Chlorination
We can use water that contains chlorine to kill germs and bacteria in clean water.


  1. Plastic bottles in he sun for few short hours present no health issues to the consumer (confirmed). Glass bottles have thicker walls than plastic and reduce UV transmittance into the water. We have used plastic bottles for 5 years in East Africa and have 100,000 users.

  2. I see.. thanks for the information. But we must also consider about the plastic material itself. I think that using PP or other high quality plastic will be better. ^^

  3. Rony - the important thing for sustainability is to use what is available locally. PET bottles are available by the millions in most areas of the world. Introducing a variable outside the mainstream is not conducive to long term uptake. PET has many advantages including UV transmittance and not adding any taste to the water.

  4. Hmm.... Okay.. I agree with you.^^


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